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[features_box_grey width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Marketing With Classifieds is a program that teaches how to use offline classifieds to drive traffic to any offer.  The offer can be a product, service or an affiliate program.  We take the customer through the exact process that has been successful for me using offline ads. Because this offer is unique, many on your list will not have seen anything like this before.

The value proposition is amazing because your students who purchase will be able to drive traffic with a method that’s easy to implement.  Even absolute newbies can do this.

As our marketing partner, you have tremendous benefits. First this is a high ticket item that converts very well. Each sale puts $198.8 in your pocket. This is truly a good offer.

In addition to that, we follow up on the phone with non buyers to increase your sales and conversions…thus making you more money. [/features_box_grey]

You can watch a recent replay of one of our webinars at Recent Webinar Replay
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[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#FF0000″]Results from recent marketing partner webinars[/headline_arial_small_centered]

Marketing Partner 1
Attended : 250
Purchased: 45

Marketing Partner 2
Attended: 150
Purchased: 21

Marketing Partner 3
Attended: 175
Purchased: 32

Marketing Partner 4
Attended: 700
Purchased: 145

Marketing Partner 5
Attended: 100
Purchased: 18

Marketing Partner 6
Attended: 50
Purchased: 9

Some of our marketing partners have included Armand Morin, Russell Brunson, Jon Shugart, Ty Cohen, Joel Peterson, etc


[features_box_grey width=”75%” + border=”2px”]As you can see we have a product that the market place is excited about. Depending on the relationship you have with your list, the conversions are anywhere from 15%-30%. The better your relationship is…the better the sales are.


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How Soon Do You Get Paid?

We typically pay 50% within 2 weeks of the webinar and the remainder after the 30 day refund period. This allows you to get some quick cash in your pocket. We then allow any refunds to settle and you collect the balance thereafter. [/features_box_grey] [features_box_grey width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

The Offer

We do all sales via a live webinar. During that webinar we will provide Amazing content. At the end we will present our offer and allow the customers to get started.

I offer an incredible bonus which is a 30 minute strategy call with me. I teach them something on the live call with me that is so powerful, that I can only teach on a one on one call. So there is built up anticipation to get on with me. And yes I do each call myself. That one on one attention leads to a low refund rate…2-10%.

7 days after the webinar we will shut the webinar replay down. This normally leads to a boost in sales on that day. We re-open the page at any point you wish.


You have two options for promoting the live webinar.

Option 1 – Individual Webinar

If your list is responsive and can get 100+ people to attend, then we will do a personal live webinar just for your people. Simple register below and contact us ASAP to schedule a date and time.

Option 2 – Group Webinar

If you don’t think you can get 100+ people to attend, or maybe you are testing new advertising sources, then you can promote our group webinar. The content is exactly the same with the exact same offer. The only difference is this webinar is not to any specific marketing partner. We will hold the live group calls weekly.

Once you register below, you will get an email with login instructions for the marketing partner members area. Once logged in you will see a button that says generate links. There you will see your marketing partner link for the group webinar.

Even if you have a large list and can fill a webinar to capacity, it’s a good idea to promote the group webinar in the back end of your marketing funnels.[/features_box_grey]

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What Do You Have To Do?

Nothing except send a few emails to your list. We will provide the emails so you only have to copy and paste. The pre-webinar emails lead to the webinar registration. The emails and landing page are converting to a 50-55% registration rated. These have been tested and work extremely well.

After the webinar there are two emails for you to copy, paste and send. Email 1 is your replay link. Email two is a reminder that the offer is coming down. These two emails work very well and will lead to about 30% of your sales.[/features_box_grey]

[features_box_grey width=”75%” + border=”2px] The next step are to

  1. Register as an affiliate.
  2. Let’s talk and set a date for the webinar
  3. I will create a new landing page for your list
  4. I will redirect your affiliate link to the new landing page
  5. Hold the webinar
  6. Cash the checks.

Affiliate Signup Form



[features_box_grey width=”75%” + border=”2px] 2nd Tier Commissions

You will receive 10% commissions for every person you refer to us who promotes as an affiliate.  Just my way of saying thanks.


[features_box_grey width=”75%” + border=”2px] Success Stories

  • “9000 people to a webpage in 30 days with only classifieds”
  • “50 % conversions on a Pay Per Call offer”
  • $19 ad spend turns into 7 sales at $149 each”
  • “Turned $1500 into $16,000”
  • “Generated 136 prospects in 7 days for an mlm offer”



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Marketing With Classifieds is a great offer for you list.

  • It’s a strategy that delivers real traffic and real buyers.
  • I give your students personal one on one attention to make them happy
  • You make good commissions on each sale
  • Payment option for those who request it
  • You get paid fast

Feel free to search me online and note my stellar reputation.  I only offer good products and deliver amazing support to my students

Greg Cesar


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